Today’s corporate boundary is no longer at the firewall, it’s at the user, and your users expect frictionless access to resources from anywhere, on any device, whenever they need it. Conditional Access is the cornerstone of any modern zero trust security and ensures your valuable data can only be accessed by users, devices and apps that you trust. Our solution is the only truly continuous conditional access solution for mobile today.

The Wandera Mobile Risk Graph

The foundation for effective Conditional Access is an accurate understanding of mobile risk. Our threat intelligence engine MI:RIAM continuously monitors devices, users and apps across known and zero day threat and usage risk factors. This informs the Wandera Mobile Risk Graph, the most comprehensive and real time model for mobile risk available today.

Continuous Conditional Access (CCA)

CCA transforms this risk assessment into action by allowing risk posture to be incorporated into dynamic access policies. At its simplest this means if a device’s risk posture is too high, access to corporate resources will be restricted.

CCA with UEM

Our platform allows for both native and 3rd party UEM Conditional Access. Our integration with Intune and the Microsoft Graph API is a great example of a joint UEM approach, making it simple to incorporate device risk posture into Azure AD access policies. The net result? Office 365 resources are protected from access by compromised mobile devices.

Our advantage

We’re uniquely placed to provide the best CCA because of the breadth of our architecture:

  • MI:RIAM. Our continuous threat detection and risk assessment capabilities cover all four mobile threat vectors: Device, App, Network and Content.
  • Secure Access Layer. Our in-network security allows for advanced capabilities such as UEM agnostic policy enforcement and strong device authentication.
  • Broad UEM Compatibility. We have the flexibility to provide compliance based policy solutions across the widest range of enterprise deployments.

To find out more about how Wandera enables Continuous Conditional Access, schedule a demonstration below.