Mobile security can be a complex landscape to navigate. Selecting the right technology to protect your device fleet is often a difficult task, so understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each solution is imperative. The table below outlines the capabilities provided by the top mobile security solutions in the industry.

WanderaSkycureZimperiumLookoutCheck Point
Threat detection
App threats
Web threats
Network threats
Real-time data leaks
Content filtering
URL filtering and policy
App Filtering and Policy
Stop unsolicited file sharing
Block risky content categories
Device support
Windows 10 Mobile
Deployment & integrations
App-only deployment (Public App Store)
AirWatch zero-touch deployment
MobileIron zero-touch deployment
EMM - Deploy
EMM - Pull
EMM - Tag
User experience
Tamper resistant
Battery unaffected
App operates without being open

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