There are many industries that simply can’t conduct business from an office space and rely on mobile working instead. Emergency home assistance is one of them. Professionals in this line of work are usually equipped with a van full of tools to complete repairs at people’s homes. They also usually carry an internet-enabled tablet or smartphone for connection to the businesses online resources. This essentially enables engineers to treat their vans as portable offices, streamlining business.

Home Assistance provider HomeServe has a large number of engineers working remotely, each relying on their smartphones and tablets to complete day-to-day tasks. These include accepting and logging jobs, finding job locations, ordering parts and accessing work emails.
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But this highly-mobile job can cause some security and cost management headaches for IT teams. However, HomeServe has well and truly got a handle on mobile security and data management, making mobile working as safe as houses. Let’s take a look at the HomeServe story from the beginning.

Management challenges

HomeServe faced a number of challenges which came about from managing a multiple device estate with a range of operating systems and two legacy Mobile Device Management versions from the same vendor.
This made it difficult to manage operating system updates and led to inefficient management of mobile devices in general. Business processes sometimes had to be altered in order to fit in with the technical constraints that were in place for mobile working.

Cost challenges

Another area of mobile working that needed better management was the mobile data itself. HomeServe wanted a solution that would allow them to easily manage mobile data consumption across the estate, whether in the UK or roaming overseas.
This would involve limited users to a certain amount of data by capping usage based on an individual’s requirements. It would also mean limiting users to certain online services, such as those that are needed for work. Many businesses find blocking access to personal services like social media and YouTube to be effective for increasing productivity as well as reducing cost.

“Without very strict manual controls in place there was always the risk that users could consume large amounts of data without hitting a cap. It was not possible to control this without a dedicated solution in place.”
Martin Evans, Service Delivery Manager, HomeServe

Security challenges

HomeServe has always put an emphasis on data security at all levels of the organisation and were in the process of becoming PCI DSS compliant. As part of continuous improvement in this area, the company wanted to ensure that robust cyber security was in place for any route into its infrastructure.

“As with any company or individual, there is always a risk of being subject to a cyber attack. Because of this threat we ensure that cybersecurity is always fresh in the minds of our People. It’s not just something that you read about in the news when it happens to another company. We all need to be vigilant and take steps to protect our organizations.”
Martin Evans, Service Delivery Manager, HomeServe

Finding a better way to manage mobile working

When looking for a solution to improve mobile working, HomeServe wanted to align its business with successful platforms and companies that are performing well. VMware AirWatch has long been acknowledged as a market leader by analysts, making it an attractive replacement for the legacy solution.
With the device management taken care of by AirWatch, the data management needed to be addressed. HomeServe was introduced to Wandera at an event, where the team learned about Wandera’s data cost management and threat defense offerings. Before long, the company had signed up for a free trial across 50 of its devices.
With a coordinated mobility infrastructure in place, HomeServe began to see a real improvement in its data usage thanks to the visibility and control offered by Wandera and AirWatch.
Read the full case study to see HomeServe’s incredible results and to learn how your business could experience similar success.
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