The challenge

Whether it is for their numerous matches that take place in the United States, offseason training, or scouting players around the world, travel is a necessary part of the business of the club. Employees across multiple functions require the use of mobile devices at home and abroad to remain connected to business applications and data.

International data roaming charges, like for many Canadian organizations, had become part of the cost of doing business for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Even with new bundles introduced by their carrier to decrease this pain, data consumption and costs still remained high.

“Heavy data usage is inevitable, but Wandera has delivered the tools to limit that usage to applications that are beneficial to the business, while reducing personal usage especially in roaming scenarios.”

– Michael Ward – Whitecaps

“Streaming video from mobile devices is a critical part of player development and training,” says Michael Ward of the Whitecaps, “and when training takes place in numerous locations out on large soccer felds, Wi-Fi isn’t always an option.”

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Company profile

The Vancouver Whitecaps is one of 19 organizations in Major League Soccer (MLS).
Originally founded in 1974, the current franchise began in 2009 and currently employs 75 people in its Vancouver based office.

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“Finally, we have a sense of control”

– Michael Ward – Whitecaps

The solution

Wandera was introduced to the Vancouver Whitecaps by Preston Mobility, a Bell Mobility Authorized Business Dealer and mobile business solutions provider partnered with Wandera.

Paramount to the team has been the ability to manage the applications and websites that are able to access data while roaming outside of Canada. “Blocking App Store downloads, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have all helped to dramatically reduce data consumption,” comments Ward.

The granular controls of the Wandera solution allow for the Whitecaps to block functionality on cellular data while allowing access to all content as soon as devices are connected to less expensive WiFi networks.

“Finally, we have a sense of control” notes Ward remarking on the newly found capabilities Wandera has given them.

Data visibility and real-time alerts have provided much-needed data management tools for Ward and the Whitecaps. When spikes in data are seen through Wandera’s admin console, RADAR, Ward is able to take action in real time, alerting end users and educating them on their own data consumption. Through automated alerts, Ward is made aware of specifed usage events as soon as they happen.

The results

For the Whitecaps, heavy data usage is inevitable, but Wandera has delivered the tools to limit that usage to applications that are benefcial to the business, while reducing personal usage especially in roaming scenarios. This sense of control gives them piece of mind when users and devices are on their frequent trips abroad and protects against “bill shock” events allows them to keep mobile data costs consistent and under control.

The use of data compression has enabled the Whitecaps to reduce roaming data usage by 31% alone, allowing the Whitecaps to reduce data consumption even when working with business related apps.

Data reductions as a result of compression, and policy have not only diminished bill shock instances, but also allowed the Whitecaps to add additional devices to their data pools with no additional data usage or cost. Enabling productivity through new smartphones and tablets is a gain for the business that comes at no added cost, thanks to Wandera and the controls it gives them.


Savings on roaming data usage

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