A healthier mobile security strategy


The challenge

VITAS has two main user groups that participate in its mobility program. The first is its patient care staff. They are in the field, primarily working with patients in their homes so mobile devices allow them to gain remote access to information relevant to the patient. The devices are a means of
connecting back to the company’s main database where its staff can update patient records and prescribe drug orders for patients. So mobile is critical in delivering patient care at Vitas.

The second group is closer aligned to VITAS’ sales force and its members are responsible for business development and sales activity so they use devices when they are on the move to access emails and corporate resources.

“In the world of security, you have to be continuously creative, you can’t assume that the blocks you’ve enforced in the past are going to protect you in the future. So it’s a constant effort and Wandera is helping us to evolve and stay on top of fast-moving threats so we can continue to roll out transformative mobility programs.”

–Naresh Samlal, Area Vice President


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