Overheating from mobile security concerns?

The challenge

Communication is key for any business, especially for businesses providing critical services. Recently, a major U.K. radiator manufacturer was facing multiple challenges as its growing workforce became increasingly reliant on using mobile devices to communicate with each other and with customers. The company needed a solution that would keep its people and information secure while ensuring a sustainable, cost-effective plan to keep its mobile communications running. That’s where Wandera came in.

“ From the moment we started rolling out Wandera, the results were immediately obvious. Wandera has provided us with the benefit of being able to see an overview of the security status of our mobile fleet. With cybersecurity being a top concern at the moment, we wanted to ensure that our mobile fleet was protected. Wandera’s security functionality has provided us with a solution that addresses a variety of mobile risks.”

– Mick Reynolds, IT Commercial Analyst, Stelrad

Changing technologies can be a major challenge for organisations of any size. With innovations allowing businesses across a wide range of budgets to keep their people in touch over video calls and process high volumes of information on mobile devices, it can be hard to establish policies that keep employees and their mobile usage safe and sound.

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