The challenge

Sealy, like many businesses, previously had BlackBerry as its mobile device of choice to provide email access. As BlackBerry’s availability and popularity declined, Sealy made
the transition to iPhones. When making the switch, Sealy found that the new accessibility and flexibility that iPhones provided came with a new set of challenges – especially in
terms of security.

Sealy’s employees across Australia are now using iPhones as a replacement for BlackBerry: sales staff, managers and executives are all using their phones at increasing rates for emails, training materials, reporting and other custom applications that Sealy has put together to help make the team more productive.

“We develop custom applications so that our users can do more work on the go, on their phone. With this flexibility, they don’t always have to boot up their laptops and this increases productivity.”

– Sealy of Australia IT Services Manager

With this company-wide shift toward increased mobility and productivity, Sealy wanted to make sure its security strategy was adapting to cope. “We want to treat a handset just like a laptop, we always have antivirus installed on laptops because they connect to our network, so a phone should be no different.”


Company profile

Sealy of Australia is a quality mattress provider with six manufacturing sites throughout the country. Its flagship brand Sealy Posturepedic is Australia’s best selling premium bedding. As of 2001, in partnership with Tempur Sealy International, Sealy of Australia went global and now has a presence across 4 continents.

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“We want to treat a handset just like a laptop, we always have antivirus installed on laptops because they connect to our network, so a phone should be no different.”

– Sealy of Australia IT Services Manager

The solution – Threat Defense

Sealy has antivirus and web filtering for its laptops. While looking for a BlackBerry replacement, VMware Airwatch was presented as a suitable mobile device management solution for iOS devices, but it still required a more capable web filtering solution designed for mobile devices. Security, non-compliant use and productivity drain were all increasing concerns. “There were no policies when employees left the office and continued to use the devices.” Sealy’s managed mobility services provider IMEI saw these needs and recommended Wandera to complement Airwatch and ensure proper protection of mobile data.

With a zero-touch deployment via Airwatch, Sealy saw the benefits of Wandera right away. From a management perspective, Sealy found deployment effortless. With full support from the Wandera team and full integration with Airwatch, it was incredibly simple to get set up. Confident with how easy it was to deploy Wandera across its corporate Australian devices, Sealy is now looking to roll this out to its BYOD fleet in Asia. With a new application developed for its employees in Asia, they will now be accessing internal networks—hence the need for Wandera—to make sure all internal networks are protected. Even if employees are using their personal devices to access corporate resources from different countries, Wandera allows admins insights and control from afar, all in real time.

“Wandera helps us make sure that, on corporate WiFi, the business apps are given the priority and bandwidth so they will run and perform.”

– Sealy of Australia IT Services Manager

The Solution – Usage Policies

In terms of data usage, Sealy runs a fair play policy. Users get a fixed monthly download allowance and overages are excused as long as they do not abuse the system. The IT team
can now put its full trust in this system with Wandera’s comprehensive reporting and highly customizable policies. Real-time alerts educate end users on how much data they are actually using, which encourages them to adjust their behavior accordingly.

Previously, employees could travel abroad without notifying the IT team, which prevented the IT team from switching these users’ normal data plans to their travel plans, resulting in substantial overages. Wandera sends admins notifications when employees travel abroad, so they can confirm with their mobile service provider that employee travel plans are in place. The nightmare of bill shock incidents is now over and Sealy’s management team has peace of mind that mobile bills will be predictable. With Wandera’s real-time policy enforcement, Sealy is able to ensure that employees remain productive while they are in the office. From a content filtering and data management perspective, business applications needed

to have top priority, but Sealy acknowledged that when connecting to a home network, business apps are not likely being used. The company has configured policies so devices could be used for personal reasons on employees’ own time. Sealy easily set up policies to ensure that if the user was on a mobile service or a corporate Wi-Fi network that is paid for by the business, the device would be locked down as a business device with business apps being given priority for that bandwidth. However, on the end user’s home Wi-Fi or on public Wi-Fi, the access is opened up and business apps are no longer priority number one. In that respect, the employee can use it as a personal device as well.


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