How an oil & gas company implemented a leading MTD solution

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The challenge

When the company first deployed mobility, they adopted an EMM to manage the devices. However, they quickly realized that this only protected the hardware, but didn’t defend their most sensitive asset – corporate data.

The company was experiencing a repeat problem with stolen credentials. Multiple staff members had their Active Directory credentials stolen so the CISO mandated that a comprehensive anti-phishing layer be implemented.

Conscious of the need for a phishing protection that extended to their recently adopted mobile platforms, the team also wanted to add protection against the threats they were most aware of on desktop PCs – malware.

“The security hole that mobile had created became a real concern. We had a certain level of security provided by the EMM and built in with the OS, but you don’t have to look far to realize that this isn’t enough these days. We couldn’t stop our staff from accessing services via web browsers that carry malware or leak data. We lacked the visibility needed to achieve a superior level of security: visibility of the data itself.”

– James Hoggart, IT Systems Manager

Finally, in order to take a more proactive approach to threat prevention, the company wanted to have a content filtering solution on mobile that would allow them to stop access to malware-hosting app stores and unapproved IT resources, such as cloud storage providers, which they were instructed to manage as part of the company’s data loss protection strategy.

The company also needed real-time mobile data insights and analytics to check that every device is running the latest OS, isn’t communicating with any risky apps and websites and hasn’t been reconfigured by users trying to get around device permissions and inbuilt OS security.

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