The challenge

In the cutting-edge world of Motorsport, each razors-edge advantage can be the difference between coming home with, or without, the title – a title that the entire workforce has been working towards all year long. Being ahead of the competition and coming up with new performance-enhancing ideas are everything on the track, so the security of precious intellectual property such as race strategy reports, a novel brake duct idea or an aero report is paramount. Mobile devices are an often overlooked vulnerability in information security: teams are constantly collaborating and communicating on their mobile devices discussing the latest specifications and adjustments. If these communications were leaked and intercepted… that’s potentially a race-winning advantage lost.

For example, if we look at the trackside team, because their cars are essentially custom, broken parts sometimes need to be rebuilt in custom fabrication facilities back at base. The team often photograph the broken part with their mobile and send it to HQ. Their mobile devices, therefore, contain a lot of sensitive IP.

Potential threats to IP can vary. On the device level, enterprise mobility management tools (EMM’s) such as VMware Airwatch and MobileIron do a great job at making sure the device is correctly configured and passwords enforced. Where Wandera comes into play is to protect the device and the mobile data from attacks: these can include phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, and data leaks. The business impact of these security incidents can vary from slow or broken devices to highly sensitive corporate accounts being compromised and important intellectual property stolen. In the competitive space of Motorsport, a compromised device could wreak havoc: spyware, hacked emails and data leaks all mean someone could steal your IP.

For example, an Motorsport vehicle costs on average $15.5 million, protecting the location of this precious cargo is typically the CSO’s job. Previously an Motorsport team has used an application that tracked the location of all their Motorsport vehicles around the world. This very application failed to encrypt usernames and passwords while they were sent across the network. Just one intercepted transmission and the precise location of every Motorsport vehicle around the world would be exposed.

With departments across the globe, Motorsport teams tend to spend their year hopping abroad, whether that’s for wind tunnel experiments, track testing in Barcelona or to head to Abu Dhabi for the season finale. Teams of drivers, engineers, technical support, marketing, etc., are all spending months of the year continuously working abroad. With the poor quality of hotel Wi-Fi and dependence on work devices, mobile data usage can quickly rack up, and once outside the EU, overage charges can quickly get out of hand. Just one employee could come home to a bill of almost £1,000 for streaming video. For an employer, this can be hugely frustrating, particularly as the bill shock arrives a month after the streaming happened. To make matters worse, it is near impossible to work out how exactly the bill came about. Was it by business activity? Or streaming Netflix at the airport? This lack of visibility leaves businesses with an uncontrollable cost without knowing what it’s attributed to.

Industry profile

With a dynamic workforce of teams, all with various skill sets, jet-setting around the globe 21 weekends a year, Motorsport teams have two very clear use cases for Wandera’s mobility solution: security and data management. Already established in the automotive industry with some high profile brands, Wandera also supports two Motorsport racing giants with their mobility strategies. From Russia to Japan and engineering to IT, all bases are covered no matter how or where employees are using their mobile devices.


threats detected in the last 6 months

The solution

Wandera supports two of the ten Motorsport teams with managing and securing their mobile fleets. With Wandera’s intelligence machine, MI:RIAM, all mobile data traffic is routed via Wandera’s secure web gateway for mobile and analyzed in real-time. MI:RIAM detects and blocks threats before they can hit the device. This real-time insight also fuels the data management benefits.

Data usage of all devices down to a granular level is constantly fed back to the admin portal so that management can be informed and empowered to control mobile bills as well as productivity. Notifications about data usage and security inform both the end users and management so everyone is educated.

For example, when one of our customers tried to place heavy restrictions on every smartphone to function like a BlackBerry, they decided to block social media. This was an appropriate policy for the pit crew but it was totally unworkable for their marketing department. Wandera’s fine-grained policy controls ultimately allowed them to specify different policies for each department, enabling a more flexible work environment where the right controls were in place and employees were enabled to do their job with all the resources they needed.

Policies are tailored by location, job responsibilities and even data usage to date. As soon as a user goes abroad roaming policies are automatically applied which most likely restricts data usage for non-business applications and browsers such as Netflix. Groups are defined so that departments can have different policies and restrictions depending on their work needs. Whitelisting and blacklisting allow policies to change depending on whether a user has hit or is likely to hit their cap.

All these features are seamlessly and instantly enjoyed as Wandera integrates with all leading mobility management tools. With full integration, Wandera can be deployed instantly over-the-air with zero touch required by users.


blocks in the last 6 months

The results

One team has had 6,775 threats detected in the last 6 months. Out of the blocks that MI:RIAM instantly put in place, three of these blocked attacks were of the highest severity and in two instances were targeting a logistics group leader. It has also become clear just how important having Wandera on their devices has been, as risky hotspots and man-in-the-middle attacks, (both opportunities for data theft) are the most common threat regularly identified and contained by MI:RIAM.

From a data management point of view, one team can now identify Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as their fleet’s most popular apps. This enabled Wandera admins to look at the impact of these data-hungry services. They now have the option to set sophisticated caps to ensure that once a user has reached their data limit these data-hungry apps/browsers are blocked; admins can rest easy that any overages that come about are purely down to business use. In this instance, they have had the flexibility to enforce this policy for most but not all users, the social media team have their own policies which still give them unhindered access to these social media resources. In the last 6 months, 20 devices have been capped in real-time to prevent bill shock incidents.

With the purse strings tightening in 2021 with the impending Motorsport budget cap and fiercely close-run competition between teams, the importance of security and data management has never been so great. With Wandera, Motorsport teams have a clear solution to any of their mobile issues whether that’s security concerns or mobile bills; all with the freedom and flexibility to enforce security and cost-saving policies, personalized to their specific needs.


threats detected in the last 6 months


blocks in the last 6 months


devices capped in the last 6 months

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