How a Motorsport team managed and secured its mobile fleet


The challenge

In the cutting-edge world of Motorsport, each razors-edge advantage can be the difference between coming home with, or without, the title – a title that the entire workforce has been working towards all year long. Being ahead of the competition and coming up with new performance-enhancing ideas are everything on the track, so the security of precious intellectual property such as race strategy reports, a novel brake duct idea or an aero report is paramount. Mobile devices are an often overlooked vulnerability in information security: teams are constantly collaborating and communicating on their mobile devices discussing the latest specifications and adjustments. If these communications were leaked and intercepted… that’s potentially a race-winning advantage lost.

For example, if we look at the trackside team, because their cars are essentially custom, broken parts sometimes need to be rebuilt in custom fabrication facilities back at base. The team often photograph the broken part with their mobile and send it to HQ. Their mobile devices, therefore, contain a lot of sensitive IP.

Potential threats to IP can vary. On the device level, enterprise mobility management tools (EMM’s) such as VMware Airwatch and MobileIron do a great job at making sure the device is correctly configured and passwords enforced.

Where Wandera comes into play is to protect the device and the mobile data from attacks: these can include phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, and data leaks. The business impact of these security incidents can vary from slow or broken devices to highly sensitive corporate accounts being compromised and important intellectual property stolen. In the competitive space of Motorsport, a compromised device could wreak havoc: spyware, hacked emails and data leaks all mean someone could steal your IP.

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