The challenge

With the majority of its US sales team operating remotely, typically visiting doctors’ offices, Lundbeck’s vision is to convert their entire US salesforce to iPads to standardize and optimize the sales process and, ultimately, remove the need for PCs and laptops all together. This goal makes the security of Lundbeck’s mobile devices imperative.

Additionally, Lundbeck’s employees across all sectors travel frequently internationally because the company is headquartered in Europe. Managing the month-to-month mobility costs is a challenge.

“I see Wandera as a professional partner that is able to help us in determining what threats are actually active or not.”

– Lasse Frederiksen, IT Director at Lundbeck

“Employees traveling abroad every month incurred roaming charges which tended to be fairly high with international providers.” There was an instance where an employee was traveling in Japan and incurred a $12,000 bill!

Considering that mobile devices are the primary devices used within the company, a solution that allows devices to function outside of the US was required.


Company profile

Founded in 1915, Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Parkinson’s disease and psychosis. Lundbeck employs approximately 5,500 people worldwide, 1,700 of whom are based in Denmark and 900 in the United States. The company’s employees span across 57 countries, and their products are registered in more than 100 countries. Lundbeck provides the entirety of its US staff with company-enrolled iOS devices – iPhones and iPads – using Airwatch during the enrollment and set up process to push company-required policies to the devices. The majority of Lundbeck’s 650 US sales representatives’ work day is spent using their mobile devices—primarily iPads.

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“Our previous system did not allow us to recognize revenue in a timely manner and in some cases, there were lost transactions and revenues. We knew we needed a new tablet that would be centrally managed, used properly by staff and give us more onboard sales.”

– Lasse Frederiksen, IT Director at Lundbeck

The solution

With security as a primary concern, Lundbeck has deployed Wandera’s Secure Mobile Gateway across its entire mobile fleet. The company addressed its roaming bill shocks by implementing customized blacklist and whitelist policies—one for domestic use and one for international use.

“The domestic use policy doesn’t have restrictions, however, the international policy is heavily restricted when using the cellular networks. We restrict any application or usage that is not company-related, such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. We always encourage our employees to connect to wireless networks, where there are no restrictions on data usage.”

Now, when an employee is traveling abroad, Wandera detects that the employee’s device is out of its domestic boundary and automatically limits usage to companyrelated sites and applications which have been pre-established by the admin.

The results

Since the deployment of Wandera, Lundbeck now has access to an expansive amount of options when setting up policies to help minimize roaming charges. “We have a lot more flexibility now than we had previously in terms of tracking the usage of the data and capping the data.”

The company has since minimized the occurrence of bill shock events and reduced its overall spend on enterprise mobile devices. “The license for each user is more than being paid for from the savings we’re seeing on data charges.”

“It has certainly made our life easier from an IT setup standpoint and the security element makes me feel more secure about our overall enterprise mobility.”

– Lasse Frederiksen, IT Director at Lundbeck

Additionally, Wandera has reduced the time previously spent on administrative duties. “It has certainly made our life easier from an IT setup standpoint and the security element makes me feel more secure about our overall enterprise mobility.”

Lundbeck has a very good, active relationship with Wandera: “It’s very easy to be very involved in the requests of new features and Wandera are receptive to any requirements we have. There’s a lot of openness around what the current roadmaps look like and how we can potentially benefit from some of those functionalities. There’s a high level of transparency from Wandera in sharing upcoming features and adding our requests in their list of upcoming features.”


Savings on data


No instances of bill shock


Increase in roaming productivity

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