How did Lundbeck use a secure mobile gateway to protect their mobile fleet?


The challenge

With the majority of its US sales team operating remotely, typically visiting doctors’ offices, Lundbeck’s vision is to convert their entire US salesforce to iPads to standardize and optimize the sales process and, ultimately, remove the need for PCs and laptops all together. This goal makes the security of Lundbeck’s mobile devices imperative.

Additionally, Lundbeck’s employees across all sectors travel frequently internationally because the company is headquartered in Europe. Managing the month-to-month mobility costs is a challenge.

“I see Wandera as a professional partner that is able to help us in determining what threats are actually active or not.”

– Lasse Frederiksen, IT Director at Lundbeck

“Employees traveling abroad every month incurred roaming charges which tended to be fairly high with international providers.” There was an instance where an employee was traveling in Japan and incurred a $12,000 bill!

Considering that mobile devices are the primary devices used within the company, a solution that allows devices to function outside of the US was required.

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