How Kinross reduced their mobile data bills


The challenge

Kinross was originally using the Blackberry platform, which made it easier to keep mobile data costs down with compression. As the company migrated away from Blackberry, it needed another solution to manage data consumption.

“We were spending excessive amounts on roaming data while people were abroad. Checking email could’ve resulted in a $200 charge each day,” said JT Pearson, Manager IT Client Services.

“Wandera has also allowed us to increase our mobile device security, providing insight into iOS and Android vulnerabilities. Wandera is a valuable tool and has become part of our day-to-day processes.”

– JT Pearson, Manager – IT Client Services

Headquartered in Canada, where the cost of data is among the highest in the world, Kinross needed to lower roaming and domestic mobile data charges. However, they were unable to track user behavior, often incurring large bills with no way of knowing how the data was being used.

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