How did Frontier improve operational efficiency with mobile?


The challenge

Before the current program was fully deployed, Frontier found itself running into a number of problems. The airline’s flight attendants weren’t using their tablets competently, and the software installed on the tablets kept falling out of date. This would often happen when staff were on vacation or offline for extended periods of time. This out-of-date information was the cause of a major headache for Frontier’s IT staff, especially when running reports or making enhancements to credit card security.

“Wandera has paid for itself immediately and many times over. Plus, by securing mobile devices with MobileIron, we can more easily achieve security compliance, accelerate onboard product sales, and even reduce weight on the aircraft by condensing our 600-page flight attendant manual onto a single tablet. Overall, it’s been a very cost-effective solution for us.”

– Andrew Brandess, Special project manager at Frontier Airlines

Furthermore, the tablets couldn’t accommodate 3G or 4G cellular technology. As a result, whenever a transaction took place on board, the device then needed to be connected with an ethernet cable after the flight to move the data into the company’s financial system and to the bank for processing. This meant that Frontier typically wasn’t able to collect the revenue until two or three days after the transaction initially occurred, posing the risk of rejected payments.

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