How did this Financial Services company bolster its mobile security?

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The challenge

With over 20,000 corporate-owned iOS and Android devices under management in the US alone, the company was aware of the high risk associated with uncontrolled employee mobile use.

The organization needed to implement a mobile security solution that would extend the same robust protection it had for desktop to its mobile estate. Mark Edwards, a member of the Information Security team, was concerned about the security gap mobile was creating, especially with so many devices in the fleet.

“When you think about how many mobile apps and sites leak data and carry malware, even the ones that can seem legitimate and safe for work, it makes you feel very exposed. A device in the hand of an employee is effectively a gateway to the corporate network carrying all our sensitive data and that of our customers.”

“As a financial services firm, we have a culture of risk mitigation. We started to look for ways we can proactively reduce our security risks rather than wait around for a breach to happen.”

– Mark Edwards, Special Project Manager

Without the ability to see what was being accessed on employee devices, the firm was uneasy about the mobile threats that they might be exposed to, like phishing attacks and malware.

Of further concern was the occurrence of three data security incidents over the past year involving file-sharing. These happened when employees were uploading sensitive company data to online document hosting services, either mistakenly or with more malicious motivations. Mark and the team were confident that the firm’s desktop security was sufficiently resilient, meaning that the leaks must have originated through mobile activity. He needed to find a way to prevent this from happening again.

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