BYOD and unmanaged devices shouldn’t mean increased risk

An increasingly diverse workforce of employees, partners, contractors, and other third parties coupled with BYOD and unmanaged devices has created a situation that existing access solutions are unable to manage. Just because a user is able to verify their identity, this shouldn’t vouch for the health of the device. Authenticated users with misconfigured or compromised devices are a risk to corporate applications and business operations.

Existing remote access solutions for BYOD and unmanaged devices are not fit for purpose

Whether companies have a formal BYOD policy in place or not, the likelihood is that users are accessing corporate applications on personal devices, particularly for SaaS. Personal devices are often not enrolled into management platforms because of privacy concerns, however this means that businesses lack visibility and cannot trust that devices are secure. Unmanaged external devices are also challenging to enable, a study by IDC found that over half of businesses report using more than 10 network and application components when providing access to external users. A modern approach that securely and easily provides access for unmanaged devices is needed.

Enhanced manageability

Provide users with unmanaged and BYOD devices the flexibility to work any time, anywhere by connecting them to the applications they need. Streamlined authentication processes improve security and enable fast seamless remote working. Wandera enables streamlined access and security policies to be enforced on applications managed without device enrollment (MAM-WE).

  • Silent device authentication or seamless access via SSO.
  • Avoid the requirement to re-authenticate every time.
  • Applications “just work” no matter where they are, without having to enable VPN profiles or settings.

“We are now comfortable with having Office 365 apps on BYOD devices. It’s not a problem anymore because with Wandera’s MAM-WE capabilities, we can protect sensitive corporate data without requiring device management.”

- Cory Sheldon, Barratt Developments

Wandera Private Access for BYOD and unmanaged devices

Endpoint support

Wandera supports a broad range of device types and operating systems. Regardless of whether the user is on a corporate-owned laptop, or working on their BYO mobile, the user experience is consistent, fast and secure.

Unmanaged deployment

Private Access can be activated without the device being enrolled into a device management platform. Unlike traditional services which require certificate management or app configurations, Wandera easily scales to any number of unmanaged devices.

Strong privacy

Separate business and personal usage to protect end user privacy. Only business traffic is routed through Wandera’s architecture, ensuring that corporate data is ensured and personal information is hidden.

Adaptive access controls

Real-time device risk scores are calculated by MI:RIAM, Wandera’s threat intelligence engine, to determine if an endpoint has been compromised. Only healthy devices are granted access, if a device is misconfigured, has an unpatched OS or vulnerable app, access is denied.

Standardized management

Policies for every application and user are managed through a single console. There is no need to configure and manage multiple tools, reducing operational overhead, speeding up application deployment and user enablement.

Exceptional user experience

The lightweight application automatically sets up application microtunnels when they are needed. This prevents battery drain when the connection isn’t in use and doesn’t require the user to manually enable access tools.

Zero trust cloud security for your connected enterprise

If you’re interested in a personalized demo of Wandera Private Access or would just like more information, get in touch and one of our experts will reach out.