Wandera & BT

BT helps to bring productivity, convenience and flexibility to the workplace. In recent years, this increase in employee mobility has presented some of the largest IT challenges to your customers. Controlling costs, implementing an acceptable usage policy and keeping devices secure have proved extremely difficult for many mobility leaders.

Cyber Threats

Including phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, ransomware, cryptojacking and other external threats.

Usage Risks

User behavior that can put your organization at risk, such as accessing sites outside your acceptable use policy and shadow IT.

Mobile Threat Defense

Protection against cyber threats

  • Highly effective endpoint security
  • Real-time prevention of network attacks
  • Safeguard user privacy with privacy-preserving features
  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • Any OS, any ownership model

Included within Data Control + Security

Mobile Data Policy

Protection against usage risks

  • Content filtering
  • Expense management
  • Usage insights
  • Fully customizable by role, region, etc.

Included within Data Control

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Wandera has the most UEM integrations of any mobile security provider.

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Overview of the Wandera portal



How do I register a lead?

Complete this form to register your lead. A Wandera representative will reach out in one business day to discuss the opportunity and plan next steps.

I’ve submitted a lead, what’s next?

We’ll contact you in one business day to discuss the opportunity and discuss next steps. If you need to reach someone sooner, you can send us a note at bt@wandera2018.wpengine.com. If your request is urgent, please make that indication in your note.

Qualifying customers

What devices does Wandera support?

Wandera is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Is there a minimum device count for Wandera’s solution?

10 licences.

Do you need an EMM to use Wandera?

No; however, Wandera integrates with existing EMM environments.

Can you help my customer with data overages?

Yes, Wandera helps companies better manage and control data costs while providing a measurable return on investment.

Can you help my customer with mobile security?

Yes, Wandera helps organizations maximize their EMM investment while providing the next generation of mobile security coverage.

Can I sell Wandera if the customer's mobile contract is not with BT?

Yes, Wandera is carrier agnostic so it can be sold into any account.

Working with Wandera

Who is my Wandera representative?

Great question! If you email bt@wandera2018.wpengine.com, and the representative will contact you.

Do I retire quota on Wandera deals?


What is our margin?

Wandera and BT have a standard margin agreement that has already been established.

Can my customer run an evaluation or proof of concept?

Yes, Wandera provides a 30-day free trial.

Is there an installation fee?

This will depend on the solution the customer has chosen, as we will offer professional services to support the service set up. Technical Pre-Sales will be able to advise on this.

How do I get a quote or pricing?

Wandera is in the standard pricing tools, CPQ and Artemis, as such deals should be built in these tools in the first instance. If further support is required then this should be raised via your commercial finance contact.

How is Wandera licenced?

Wandera is licensed per device per month, billed monthly.

Product inquiries

Does Wandera control voice traffic?

No, Wandera manages data over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Does Wandera deploy silently on any EMMs?

Wandera can be deployed over the air through VMware Airwatch and MobileIron Core for iOS devices.

What EMMs do you integrate with?

Wandera integrates with VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, Citrix, Jamf, Maas360, and Intune.

How do you deploy Wandera?

Wandera can either be deployed using the customer’s EMM or from Wandera’s online console, RADAR.

Where is my customer’s data stored?

Data is stored in Dublin, Ireland.

Does my customer need any additional hardware or software?

Wandera is a cloud solution and does not require additional hardware or software.

How long is my customer’s data stored for?

Data is stored for 12 months, unless otherwise specified.

Does Wandera support multiple data plans for one customer?


Is Wandera carrier agnostic?


Will Wandera slow down my internet access?

Latency is not perceivable to the end user.

Does Wandera drain the device battery?

No, less than 1% of overall battery life is lost on devices running Wandera.

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