46% of business critical applications are in the cloud.

66% of organizations said sensitive data in the cloud is a potential threat.

The cloud is the new normal

SaaS applications and cloud-hosted data are increasingly common, according to Forrester over half of decision makers are planning to increase the number of cloud services they use in the near future. Whether it’s web-based productivity suites, collaboration tools or file sharing services— it’s more important than ever to manage how these cloud-based resources are accessed.

Secure access to the cloud applications

Wandera eliminates untrusted connections to cloud resources. Wandera Broker is a unique solution that strengthens application access policies using a mobile-friendly approach that also delivers a positive experience for end users. Embrace the cloud with full confidence that only protected and approved devices are granted access to your sensitive cloud applications.

How Wandera Broker works

Wandera Broker increases the overall security posture of your business by making cloud applications available only to users attempting to connect via devices that are sanctioned by your enterprise and approved through Wandera’s security assessments.

Instead of using a traditional VPN, Broker employs a lightweight, mobile-friendly tunneling technology that connects the protected device to the Wandera’s cloud network.

From there, network-based policies are applied and traffic destined for the protected SaaS application is egressed through trusted infrastructure, enabling more robust protection policies.

Securing cloud applications with Wandera Broker

Adaptive Access Controls

Policies can be configured to automatically trigger if threats are detected. If a user or device becomes risky Wandera can terminate their session or alter traffic routes, according to policy, in real-time.

Strengthened Security

Implement IP lockdown policies for any supported SaaS application. Traffic is egressed through trusted infrastructure, preventing devices that are not running Wandera from connecting.

Granular Management

Enable more robust security by applying network-based policies per application. Traffic destined for the protected cloud applications can be independently tuned giving you unparalleled control.

Unified Console

Manage all SaaS applications through Wandera Broker, removing the need for point solutions. Wandera centralizes management and reporting, reducing operational overhead and speeding up application deployment.

Enhanced User Experience

Wandera acts as a form of authentication, identifying approved and trusted devices. With reduced requirements for step-up or multiple-factor authentication, streamlining access for remote users when connecting to cloud applications.

Endpoint Support

Broker works across any mobile device — whether on corporate devices, BYOD systems, or on devices managed by partner firms or contractors. The user experience is consistent, fast and secure in any remote work scenario.

Zero trust cloud security for your connected enterprise

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