Brand story

From our startup roots in 2012 to today, the driving force behind our momentum has been constant evolution. Because technology is constantly evolving. The way we work is constantly evolving. The challenges we take on are constantly evolving.

In defining our brand, we realized that the concept of complete, continuous motion epitomizes what we do and what we stand for. We provide holistic, all-round protection for data in today’s mobile environment — securing information wherever it is: on the device, in motion, and in the cloud.

Insights by design

User experience has always been integral for us. While our products mainly run behind the scenes, our administrator portal and end-user app are the physical forms of Wandera that our customers interact with every day.

In designing these programs, we’re continuously speaking with our customers about what features and functionality are most important to them.

There are many factors to consider. Our aim is always to implement changes that help customers navigate to what they need more easily as well as benefit from insights they may not have been able to see as clearly before — all while maintaining and improving upon our existing ease of use.

These improvements are reflected in everything from layout to our use of color to the way notifications are displayed.


Beyond a logo, color scheme and typography, our brand is a tangible representation of who we are and what we stand for.

Wandera is made of engineers, data scientists, developers, researchers, analysts, customer service reps, sales professionals, accountants, operations specialists, designers and leaders.

We could go on listing job titles, but at the end of the day, we’re all here for a common goal: to help businesses protect their data and their people.

It’s an endless wheel, and it keeps moving.

The Möbius

The Möbius band, or infinity ring, is an unorientable, infinite, one-sided loop. It is one of the most famous and thoughtprovoking surfaces in modern mathematics.

In the loop

If you trace around a normal loop, you’ll never reach an end — you’ll only touch one side of the shape. If you trace along a Möbius band, you’ll still never reach an end point — but you will trace its entire surface. It’s the perfect symbol to represent Wandera. Its infinite nature reflects our non-stop, never-ending protection.

Brand system

For more on our brand, including our colors, typography and high-res logo downloads, visit our Brand system page.

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