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15 minutes with enterprise mobility expert John Britton – Part 1

1400 963 Liarna La Porta

Recently we sat down with visionary security evangelist John Britton to ask him all about enterprise mobility and the use of mobile apps to enhance business. Here’s what he had to say. Enterprises building their…

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Biometric data: a few reasons why it hasn’t replaced passwords yet

1400 933 Liarna La Porta

In part 1, we covered the brilliance of biometrics including increased security and convenience. There’s a lot of biometric data out there already and loads of research in this area making it more of a…

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CIA mobile hacks released by WikiLeaks: should you be worried?

1051 760 Joel Windels

A vast portion of the CIA’s computer hacking arsenal was exposed on Tuesday by WikiLeaks. The anti-secrecy organization posted thousands of files revealing known exploits and device vulnerabilities used by the CIA to convert devices…

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5 reasons why large companies buy software from small vendors

3000 1888 Liarna La Porta

Less than fours years after our first sale, we’re hugely impressed with the number and caliber of big enterprise customers that have adopted our solution. These include some of the world’s biggest financial, professional, technology…

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So little time, so many mobile app leaks

3800 2533 Liarna La Porta

People rely on apps for almost everything – from social networking, to work, to navigation – resulting in a huge demand for service providers to have an app available to customers. Why are there still…

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1 in 10 people falling victim to online fraud and cybercrime

1200 800 Liarna La Porta

Let’s face it, we live in an online world now. Avoiding crime is no longer a matter of positioning yourself away from risky locations, holding more tightly onto your wallet or locking your doors. Anyone,…

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Biometrics is reshaping the future of authentication, but do you trust it?

1600 1000 David Renwick

Are we are ready to start moving towards biometrics as a viable alternative to the good old trusty username and password? It’s an interesting area to look at for lots of reasons. For us at…

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Is your organization at risk of laziness?

1580 1171 Joel Windels

Humans and electricity have something in common. They’re both inherently lazy, at least in some ways. Security for example. People, just like electric currents, will always seek to take the path of least resistance. If…

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IT cloud adoption explained in four graphs

2449 2449 Joel Windels

It’s almost impossible to browse through a software vendor’s website without coming across the same phrases and words. Cloud is one of those terms (you can find it right here on our site), but shows…

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