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What can mobile tell us about net neutrality?

1400 890 Dan Cuddeford

Right before you switched off for the holidays you probably heard that the FCC, or the Federal Communication Commission, repealed Obama-era laws regarding net neutrality. As the net neutrality frameworks are wound-down we will potentially…

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5 reasons why large companies buy software from small vendors

3000 1888 Liarna La Porta

Less than fours years after our first sale, we’re hugely impressed with the number and caliber of big enterprise customers that have adopted our solution. These include some of the world’s biggest financial, professional, technology…

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black friday.

BLACK FRIDAY QUIZ: can you spot the phish?

1400 933 Nell Campbell

Black Friday is nearly upon us. Prices drop, tensions rise and millions of shoppers all over the world flee to their mobiles, laptops and nearest shopping malls to pick up the latest bargain. In fact,…

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WhatsApp scam: how to protect your devices from the next fake app

1400 1051 Nell Campbell

Just days after ‘Fake News’ was coined Word of the Year, another fake is grabbing the headlines. This time it’s in the form of an app. Last weekend it was revealed that over one million…

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2017: a defining year for mobile security

1400 934 Joel Windels

For every successful technology of today, each one was initially a product without a market. That includes milestones like the famous Bill Gates claim of having a PC in every home, back when there was…

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Haunted hotspots: the real reason to be scared this Halloween

4000 2667 Nell Campbell

It’s that time of year again… fake blood in hand, pumpkins at the ready, the magic of Halloween is upon us. To greet this particularly spooky holiday, we thought we’d investigate what truly sends us:…

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Fake Cryptocurrency trading services putting data at risk

4000 1770 Nell Campbell

Cryptocurrency: it’s a term blasted around the internet at the moment. It’s impossible to scroll through a news feed without a mention of Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Litecoin… you get the idea. A couple of months…

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Bieber Trumps Taylor: celebrity apps are bad news for mobile security

1400 933 Nell Campbell

Taylor Swift, Trump and Bieber – three names you don’t often hear in the same sentence. So why has this trio grabbed our attention at Wandera? Well, their names are all linked to Android applications…

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iPhone users charged up over iOS 11 battery drain

1440 740 Liarna La Porta

Another Apple launch has been and gone, and there are some teething problems as users adjust to the latest and greatest updates. One of the issues that seems to be bugging people is iOS 11…

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X marks the spot: iPhone X trading security for convenience?

1400 935 Nell Campbell

When Apple announced the new iPhone X on Wednesday, it wasn’t the slick edge-to-edge design, water resistant exterior and wireless charging capabilities that grabbed people’s attention. Sure, these new features may help soften the blow…

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