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Apps designed for safety putting users at risk

1400 937 Michelle Base-Bursey

Personal safety apps are increasing in popularity for good reason. Such apps are designed to alert your family and emergency services if you’re in danger. But like all apps, even personal safety apps can be…

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Mobile ransomware: Don’t cry, smarten up

1400 668 Michelle Base-Bursey

Ransomware was not a word many were familiar with until WannaCry made its public debut on May 12, 2017 and infected devices at organizations in over 150 countries worldwide. Media attention subsequently hit fever pitch…

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Sideloading apps: are you playing with fire?

1400 933 Michelle Base-Bursey

The practice of sideloading apps has become an overwhelming trend in the mobile device arena. Android users, in particular, are consistently using third party app stores and websites to download the latest apps to their…

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WannaCry: what you need to know about the global ransomware attack

1400 924 Liarna La Porta

The highly publicized WannaCry ransomware attack that was unleashed last week is the biggest of its kind ever recorded. The large-scale attack initially infected a significant number of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) trusts…

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Mobile applications: are they what they say they are?

150 150 Michelle Base-Bursey

Mobile applications: are they what they say they are?

1400 934 Michelle Base-Bursey

Wandera’s security research team has recently encountered two malicious mobile applications masquerading as legitimate apps and threatening the security of a few of our customers’ mobile fleets. Our investigation was triggered when mobile applications labeled “iTunes…

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Car hacking: are you likely to be hit?

1200 800 Michelle Base-Bursey

Armoured vehicles and defensive driving seem like two of the best ways to protect your loved ones and yourself behind the wheel. Bluclub, a relatively new car service based in Brazil, employs both tactics in…

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Another airline winging it with data privacy

1920 1200 Liarna La Porta

Giving up personal information online has become part of daily life. The more information service providers know about us, the better they can serve us. But this seemingly harmless exchange has its perils. GOL Airlines,…

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Mahavitaran sparked concern with leaking customer app

1100 733 Liarna La Porta

Paying utility bills is a drag so most utility companies these days have set up a range of different payment options, including mobile apps, to make payments more convenient for their customers. Despite their good…

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Who else is watching your flightpath?

1600 800 Liarna La Porta

For flying enthusiasts and trainee pilots, SkyDemon is a popular solution that offers VFR flight planning and in-flight navigation. But Wandera has discovered the app and website might be leaving users vulnerable to data theft.…

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