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Intel on the chip exploit putting billions of devices at risk

1200 800 Nell Campbell

Last week researchers at Graz University responsibly disclosed two major computer processor flaws, named Meltdown and Spectre, that could affect billions of devices using the chip. Spectre and Meltdown: the facts The critical security exploits,…

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Skyscape threat: a sickening amount of health data at risk

5616 3744 Nell Campbell

People turn to healthcare professionals in their hour of need. Trusting them with their deepest, darkest secrets in the hope that in return, they can be restored back to health. So what would happen if…

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Beware iOS users: malware is by no means an Android-only problem

1400 798 Michelle Base-Bursey

There’s a common misconception that we’ve taken note of here at Wandera. It is a widely believed sentiment, one that is thought to be a calming reassurance. Ready for it? Here it is: Malware is an Android-only…

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To block the blockchain

1400 935 Dan Cuddeford

For a long time now, the darkweb has been utilizing cryptocurrencies for its transactions. Recently, malicious actors have been turning to the mining of these currencies using stolen compute power from organizations and individuals. Mobile devices,…

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Mobile vulnerabilities: the culprits your business needs to know about

1400 963 Michelle Base-Bursey

Threats. Risks. Attacks. Vulnerabilities. Think they’re all one in the same? Think again. Of course, these are all things you’d like for your organization to avoid, but differentiating between them is key to understanding how…

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PCI compliance: how secure are your corporate devices?

1400 963 Nell Campbell

From the introduction of chip and pin to the widespread use of Apple Pay and other contactless transactions, payment systems have evolved drastically in recent times. Advancements in commerce and payment-acceptance technology require a revamp…

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KRACK; all you need to know about the Wi-Fi vulnerability

1400 749 Michelle Base-Bursey

This week, researchers published information on a serious weakness in WPA2, the security protocol that protects most modern Wi-Fi networks. The flaw in WPA2 allows anyone to break the security layer that is established between…

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CCleaner hack: the dirty truth behind anti-malware apps

1400 935 Nell Campbell

Think anti-malware apps offer full protection against malware? Think again. On Monday 18 September, Cisco’s Talos Intelligence research team revealed that hackers had successfully breached popular antivirus app, CCleaner, which boasts a monstrous two billion…

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BlueBorne causing mobile users to lose trust in Bluetooth

1400 933 Liarna La Porta

BlueBorne is the name that has been given to the latest mobile attack vector targeting various parts of the Bluetooth stack running on almost every smart device in the world. It is capable of remotely…

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E-mail hacking: why access to your account is as good as gold

1400 933 Michelle Base-Bursey

Imagine this: a malicious hacker gains access to your e-mail account by getting his or her hands on your username and password from a leaking app, such as Tiscali. Are you nervous? Palms sweaty? Knees…

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