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Product Updates


New year, new nav: Check out RADAR’s sleek new navigation

2000 1350 Michelle Base-Bursey

If you log into your RADAR account today, you’ll notice a significant change in the way you navigate your mobile reports. Not only have we refreshed the navigation panel with a polished new look and…

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In case you missed it: this year’s top 10 launches from Wandera

1400 933 Michelle Base-Bursey

We’re finding it hard to believe ourselves, but the tell tale festive lights, early sunsets, and chilly temperatures tell us that 2017 is coming to an end. And what a year it has been for…

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smart policy.

Get a jump-start on your mobility goals with Smart Policy

1600 1043 Michelle Base-Bursey

When customers purchase our solution, they usually have a particular goal in mind. This could be any number of things, whether it’s minimizing data usage, protecting the mobile fleet against threats, or simply ensuring a…

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Avoid SIM tampering with new detection feature from Wandera

1398 686 Michelle Base-Bursey

Let’s be honest. Something we tend not to focus on here at Wandera is that users don’t particularly enjoy being restricted in their mobile device activities. This is a fact that we can all understand.…

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Wandera takes first steps towards more powerful policy features

1400 933 Michelle Base-Bursey

At Wandera, our team is constantly critically evaluating our product, looking for ways to make it look, feel and do better. We’re never satisfied with the status quo – there’s always a way to improve…

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Wandera combats cryptocurrency threat with new feature

1393 668 Michelle Base-Bursey

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that recently, media attention has hit fever-pitch around cryptocurrency. But, the news isn’t all positive. While well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have reached outlandish prices, with this…

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Wandera bolsters enterprise service with launch of single sign-on

1600 867 Michelle Base-Bursey

Today Wandera announced the launch of single sign-on (SSO) for its enterprise customers. This marks another point of progress in its mission to not only make its product as accessible as possible for businesses with…

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App insights.

App Insights: Wandera provide unrivaled visibility with new feature

1600 728 Michelle Base-Bursey

Today, Wandera has announced the upcoming launch of another integral feature as part of its comprehensive mobile security solution. App Insights, as the name suggests, will give customers a 360-degree perspective on the apps that…

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5 reasons why: Wandera enables new feature for global enterprises

1600 528 Michelle Base-Bursey

In the last year, Wandera has experienced exponential growth in its global network of mobile devices. There has been a particularly drastic increase in large, international organizations managing and protecting their mobile fleets with Wandera.…

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Wandera adds another enterprise security feature

1400 935 Michelle Base-Bursey

As an Enterprise Mobile Security provider, here at Wandera we take our customers’ security seriously. Our solution handles over two billion data inputs daily to provide our administrators with the highest level visibility and control…

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