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Product Updates

5 reasons why: Wandera enables new feature for global enterprises

1600 528 Michelle Base-Bursey

In the last year, Wandera has experienced exponential growth in its global network of mobile devices. There has been a particularly drastic increase in large, international organizations managing and protecting their mobile fleets with Wandera.…

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Wandera adds another enterprise security feature

1400 935 Michelle Base-Bursey

As an Enterprise Mobile Security provider, here at Wandera we take our customers’ security seriously. Our solution handles over two billion data inputs daily to provide our administrators with the highest level visibility and control…

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Wandera’s vectoring technologies: reducing the drain on your devices

1400 688 Michelle Base-Bursey

Security for end-user devices has always required some kind of way of getting information from the device and to a console or central hub where action can be taken. There’s no use scanning a device…

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Wandera launches Wi-Fi only device support

1600 800 Michelle Base-Bursey

Things move exceptionally quickly here at Wandera and we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve customers’ experiences with the things we build. We’re pleased to announce that yet another new feature is making…

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SLocker malware is back: over 400 new variants detected by MI:RIAM

1600 722 Michelle Base-Bursey

Remember the SLocker malware outbreak you heard about last summer? The one that held Android devices ransom until the user paid whatever the hacker demanded? The threat that seemingly disappeared after only a few weeks?…

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Wandera enhances +WiFi module

1600 826 Michelle Base-Bursey

Mobile threats can hit at any time. From home, to office, to hotel Wi-Fi, and every public hotspot in between, Wandera ensures your mobile fleet is protected with +WiFi. Today Wandera is announcing an enhancement…

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Wandera: Now available on Windows 10 Mobile

1024 499 Michelle Base-Bursey

At Wandera we work tirelessly to bring the best mobile security and Data Management technology to our customers. An important part of that effort goes towards extending the solutions we provide to as many organizations…

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Wandera + MobileIron: now even better together

1600 872 Michelle Base-Bursey

One of the best things about being a medium-sized company in a fast-growing market is that things move quickly. Really quickly. Last year we managed to release an array of innovative new features, from usage…

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Product update: Simple but powerful

1920 996 Joel Windels

Flexibility is one of the most important principles we bring into our thinking at Wandera. We want to build tools that don’t just work in the way that we want them to, but in the…

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Going global: introducing powerful new features for the enterprise

1400 800 Joel Windels

As the mobile security market begins to mature, so too do the technologies used by the world’s largest organizations. For much of the past half-decade, it has been a race to develop the products needed…

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