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5 reasons why you shouldn’t trust Wi-Fi

1440 711 Liarna La Porta

People tend to favor Wi-Fi over cellular for obvious reasons – it’s usually faster, it doesn’t tax your data plan and it’s widely available. However, there are a number of Wi-Fi risks you should know…

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AI Tech World: Machine learning at an enterprise scale

1920 1097 Dr. David Pryce

Machine learning is continuously unleashing its power in a wide range of applications. As enterprises innovate and develop their machine learning capabilities a lot of questions are raised in the process. Are we ready for…

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Hackers move to mobile as cryptojacking threat evolves

1200 800 Joel Windels

It’s been difficult to escape the hype around cryptocurrencies recently. It seems that everywhere you look, there is some new story focused on a topic that just three years ago wasn’t even an official word.…

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Nathalie Nahai: online privacy and the seduction of convenience

1200 800 Nell Campbell

Most of us are more disinhibited online than we are in person. Without body language to express our feelings our actions are intensified. We’re angrier, flirtier, more direct and in many cases, less cautious with…

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machine learning.

Uncovering the black box of machine learning

1600 1067 Suraiya Datardina

Machine learning is not a feature customers are asking for. No one ever asks for data science, but they are asking for features that will utilise that technology. Machine learning is an enabler. With it…

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Data costs spiralling? There is another way

1400 927 Suraiya Datardina

With the proliferation of high-speed data connections and the ever-increasing reliance on devices, it’s no surprise that data usage is increasing. While the new age of mobility can be an incredible productivity driver – allowing…

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Why law firms have embraced content filtering

1400 625 Nell Campbell

As more sectors adopt and encourage mobile working policies, their need to secure and protect their corporate data increases. Sure, a productive workforce depends on having the autonomy to access and share information on the…

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A promising improvement in iOS 11 battery life

1400 890 Liarna La Porta

Recently we ran an analysis to compare the battery decay rate of iOS 11 vs iOS 10. The results showed a significant difference. Now that Apple has pushed out improvements with 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2…

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Inappropriate mobile activity – how serious is the problem?

1400 933 Liarna La Porta

Mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads are inherently personal and we expect to be able to use them that way. Today’s businesses face the challenge of altering this user behavior to limit inappropriate mobile…

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