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Is Mobile Phishing the Biggest Mobile Security Risk?

150 150 Joel Windels

Phishing attack research: why now and why mobile?

1400 509 Joel Windels

Over the past 12 months, mobile security news has been inundated with stories of malware attacks, from WannaCry to NotPetya. You might have seen our own malware research too, such as our discovery of 400…

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Is Mobile Phishing the Biggest Mobile Security Risk?

1400 933 Joel Windels

We talk a lot about malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and data leaks. These are important and widespread threats for anyone operating a mobile fleet, but one of the most overlooked but equally dangerous attacks is mobile…

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Which running app is winning the data efficiency race?

1400 925 Liarna La Porta

The spring marathon season for 2017 is done and dusted. So we wanted to see how people are using running app data throughout the year and how they will be preparing their legs for next…

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The Instagram vs Snapchat battle in three charts

1600 900 Liarna La Porta

The tech industry loves a little healthy competition. Arguably the hottest battle right now is Instagram vs Snapchat. The two social giants have been fighting it out for years releasing new features to outdo each…

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Threats in a mobile world, according to Graham Cluley

1916 731 Suraiya Datardina

The world has changed. Of course, we all know the world has changed, we can see it. But are we aware of how much it has changed in such a short space of time? Graham…

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Facebook the most used app on corporate mobile devices

1400 858 Liarna La Porta

Facebook’s community has just reached two billion people. What better time to do an analysis of Facebook mobile data usage to find out how the world is using it. Shockingly, the results suggest we really…

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Dating app usage analysis: employees looking for love at work

150 150 Liarna La Porta

The Elevation Church app is using an ungodly amount of data

1400 933 Michelle Base-Bursey

Elevation, a popular American church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has recently released a mobile app that allows individuals all over the world to access live worships and recorded sermons remotely. What the 50,000 –…

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