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Recruiting the full mobility management skill set

1398 686 Liarna La Porta

Totaljobs Group is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment company, comprising seven job boards, which between them carry over 250,000 jobs, and attract nine million jobseekers every month. Headquartered in London with approximately 400…

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Building every CIO’s dream mobility management suite

1900 1105 Liarna La Porta

As an award winning Australian residential design and building company, Porter Davis relies heavily on mobile devices to maintain employee productivity. The company’s employees use mobile devices primarily for connectivity and accessing emails on the…

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Mobile productivity in full flight – how airlines can embrace mobility

1400 934 Liarna La Porta

The airline industry began adopting mobile devices for pilots to use as electronic flight bags (EFBs) in 2011. Since then, the industry has rapidly deployed mobile technology within other groups supporting flight operations. Sun Country…

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How this company addressed three major mobile security challenges

1800 1196 Liarna La Porta

Leading players in the oil and gas industry are busy adopting a variety of technologies that improve collaboration, productivity, employee safety and mobile security. By embracing mobility, they achieve better integration of functions across the…

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A solid foundation for better mobile data management

1600 885 Liarna La Porta

Cushman & Wakefield is a leading real-estate services company with a workforce that is always on the move. Its staff rely on mobile devices to conduct business from various locations outside the office. Being a…

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Safe as houses: securing a diverse fleet of devices

1800 1201 Liarna La Porta

There are many industries that simply can’t conduct business from an office space and rely on mobile working instead. Emergency home assistance is one of them. Professionals in this line of work are usually equipped…

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Decrease your business’ exposure to mobile malware by 59%

1280 720 Liarna La Porta

Content Filtering has been used by IT as a method of controlling internet usage on corporate computers for decades. But when it comes to corporate mobile, trust and privacy issues frequently arise. Some forward-thinking organizations…

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How an airline cut its mobile data costs by 78%

1400 788 Liarna La Porta

Budget airlines are committed to keeping the cost of flights low for their passengers, and therefore need super-efficient operations to keep their overheads down. This is why Colorado-based Frontier Airlines decided to shake up the way…

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