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Eight reasons why ‘Roam Like Home’ really is too good to be true

1400 933 Suraiya Datardina

It’s finally here: exorbitant EU roaming data charges were switched off from Thursday 15th June allowing anyone travelling in the EU the ability to share, like, view and watch mobile content until their heart’s content.…

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Stop throwing mobile data at the problem

1400 871 Suraiya Datardina

The consumption of mobile data keeps increasing with no signs of slowing down. It is estimated that digital consumers now have 3.64 devices per person and for the first time mobile browsing has surpassed that…

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Smartphone attacks: 7 reasons why hackers have shifted their target

1400 935 Colm Warner

Smartphone attacks are a serious concern for businesses and individuals today. The early part of smartphone proliferation was relatively quiet in terms of cyberattacks. Back then, traditional desktop/laptop and server environments were far more attractive targets…

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Corporate mobile device policy – what to block and when

600 600 Suraiya Datardina

Most businesses these days are equipping their employees with a mobile device for work and covering the associated costs, from the handset to the monthly bills. The resulting productivity gains are the main reason businesses…

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Will blocking mobile content upset your employees?

1680 1050 Suraiya Datardina

The number of corporate-owned mobile devices is increasing as businesses are using the power of mobile to keep their employees productive on the go and enhance business outcomes. However, it is not unheard of for…

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Five reasons to apply Content Filtering for mobile devices

1600 600 Suraiya Datardina

Most businesses employ content filtering within the corporate network to block access to unapproved content such as adult sites and personal email accounts. Employees expect to be restricted when working on corporate desktops and laptops…

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Three crucial steps in dealing with a mobile data breach

150 150 Liarna La Porta

The penalty for data breaches just got forty times more expensive

1200 675 Joel Windels

In 2018, the world of security will have something new to worry about. It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation (DPA), known more commonly as GDPR. Although the legislation originates from the EU, almost every…

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Three crucial steps in dealing with a mobile data breach

1300 867 Liarna La Porta

A mobile data breach can damage a businesses’ reputation and result in collateral damage that takes years to remedy. A quick search will show you some high profile issues caused by a security breach. With jobs lost, businesses ruined…

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These 5 trends will influence cybersecurity in 2017

1000 817 Eldar Tuvey

Cyber-attacks and data breaches have dominated the headlines in 2016 with a long list of high-profile names falling victim to attack. As 2016 draws to a close, more companies than ever before can expect to…

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