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5 factors shaping the mobile threat landscape in 2018

1400 934 Nell Campbell

The last twelve months have been huge for mobile security. Malicious actors returned with a vengeance and mobile attacks grew rapidly in sophistication. Ransomware outbreaks like WannaCry and Petya hit enterprises globally causing unparalleled disruption,…

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What are third party app stores and why do people use them?

1400 933 Liarna La Porta

The Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android are the two largest distribution channels for mobile apps. But there’s a big bad world of third party app stores and apps…

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Five reasons to apply Content Filtering for mobile devices

1600 600 Suraiya Datardina

Most businesses employ content filtering within the corporate network to block access to unapproved content such as adult sites and personal email accounts. Employees expect to be restricted when working on corporate desktops and laptops…

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Custom app development: is it better to DIY or leave it to the pros?

1400 927 Liarna La Porta

It’s clear that enabling mobility and empowering road warriors is a critical strategic initiative in today’s enterprise environment, and having the right apps deployed is a big part of it. What’s less clear is whether…

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Apps that are outliving their developers

1400 1132 Liarna La Porta

Have you ever given thought to “dead” or discontinued apps and what developers do when they decide to end-of-life their apps? It’s the developer’s responsibility to remove them from the app stores, but developers are…

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Vague app release notes: wish you had that time back?

1400 935 Liarna La Porta

Do you keep your apps up to date? Maybe you have your phone configured to update apps automatically. Or maybe you update your apps manually. Either way, you’ve probably noticed an increase in vague app…

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Open Wi-Fi risks: is it safe to connect to open and free networks?

1400 933 Liarna La Porta

Research suggests that more and more mobile data is being consumed over Wi-Fi connections than cellular. But worryingly, businesses are struggling to manage an array of open Wi-Fi risks. Open Wi-Fi networks are all around…

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Digital Exhaust: what do hackers know about your employees?

1400 1079 Liarna La Porta

Traditionally, busy public places such as coffee shops were a great place to people watch and nurse a drink for hours while watching the world go by. Nowadays, thanks to digital exhaust, a person doesn’t…

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Five attributes you need to survive in a start-up

1398 686 Hannah Farney

Start-ups aren’t for everybody. Working in recruitment I am constantly speaking to candidates from all walks of life and they have one common interest – they all want to be a part of a successful,…

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The Mobile Threat Landscape with Michael Covington

1400 1051 Suraiya Datardina

The mobile threat landscape is an interesting topic, partly because it’s so controversial. Talking to different people within the field can bring up wildly differing opinions over the severity of the situation. Fear-mongers will tell…

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