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BLACK FRIDAY QUIZ: can you spot the phish?

BLACK FRIDAY QUIZ: can you spot the phish?

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Black Friday is nearly upon us. Prices drop, tensions rise and millions of shoppers all over the world flee to their mobiles, laptops and nearest shopping malls to pick up the latest bargain.

In fact, a whopping 30% of online shopping happens between Black Friday and Christmas.

With so many people searching for their latest purchase, retail apps and sites become a hotbed for cybercrime. In fact, it is estimated that nearly $32 million was lost last year due to Christmas shopping fraud.

Shoppers were found to be purchasing fake goods, in quest to save pennies on Christmas gifts. The most common fake items to be reported include fake Yeezy trainers, Kylie Jenner make-up, hair dryers, drones and Fitbit watches.

As a cyber security company, we take imitation sites very seriously. Very seriously indeed. Our recent research revealed that 81% of mobile phishing attacks occur outside of email with apps and websites being the most attractive targets.

Wandera’s threat intelligence team, along with the help of our real-time phishing detection machine, MI:RIAM, discovered that a new secure phishing site is created once every two minutes.

To help you prepare for the sacred feast of conspicuous consumption we’ve brought to you a selection of real phishing incidents detected across our network, to see if you can spot the fake. The only catch is we’ve hidden them amongst the genuine sites they’re impersonating:

Which of these shows the official Amazon login page?

Click on the fake Apple login page

Which Netflix login page would you trust with your details?

Which of these is the official LinkedIn page?

Which Paypal doesn't look legit?

Black Friday tips: how to spot a fake

As you can see, these fake sites are very convincing. However, there are some things you can do to secure yourself online over the Black Friday weekend.

Part of the issue is education, and part of it is infrastructure.

Wandera has built the only technology that can automatically detect, alert and block traffic to mobile phishing sites in real-time. The Secure Mobile Gateway provides admins with full visibility into all the data being sent to and from the device at all times, preventing attackers from getting their hands on your personal information.

If you’d like more information about how to protect your enterprise against phishing attacks, book an appointment with one of our mobility experts.

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