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Liarna La Porta

Liarna La Porta

Liarna La Porta

Liarna La Porta leads content marketing at Wandera. As Editor of Wandera’s blog, Liarna keeps the content ticking that makes Wandera a reliable news source for mobile security professionals. Her passion for helping tech start ups in all aspects of marketing and PR is reflected in the expert industry coverage she provides. An Australian adventurist at heart, Liarna has been in the Marketing and PR industry for over six years working from Melbourne, Sydney, London and San Francisco, soaking up the expertise required for her global role at Wandera.

Apps that are outliving their developers

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Have you ever given thought to “dead” or discontinued apps and what developers do when they decide to end-of-life their apps? It’s the developer’s responsibility to remove them from the app stores, but developers are…

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Vague app release notes: wish you had that time back?

1400 935 Liarna La Porta

Do you keep your apps up to date? Maybe you have your phone configured to update apps automatically. Or maybe you update your apps manually. Either way, you’ve probably noticed an increase in vague app…

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Open Wi-Fi risks: is it safe to connect to open and free networks?

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Research suggests that more and more mobile data is being consumed over Wi-Fi connections than cellular. But worryingly, businesses are struggling to manage an array of open Wi-Fi risks. Open Wi-Fi networks are all around…

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Mobile security market reaches inflection point

1400 963 Liarna La Porta

It’s an exciting time to be in the mobile security market. Things are changing rapidly and the solutions we develop are being met with increasing demand. Enterprises are experiencing some serious challenges in managing the…

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Wandera’s top mobile data insights from 2017

1400 784 Liarna La Porta

It’s been a big year for Wandera’s mobile data insights. We’ve stepped up our data analysis efforts and threat research capabilities and it seems the deeper we dig the more we find. With the launch…

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5 reasons why large companies buy software from small vendors

3000 1888 Liarna La Porta

Less than fours years after our first sale, we’re hugely impressed with the number and caliber of big enterprise customers that have adopted our solution. These include some of the world’s biggest financial, professional, technology…

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Digital Exhaust: what do hackers know about your employees?

1400 1079 Liarna La Porta

Traditionally, busy public places such as coffee shops were a great place to people watch and nurse a drink for hours while watching the world go by. Nowadays, thanks to digital exhaust, a person doesn’t…

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t trust Wi-Fi

1440 711 Liarna La Porta

People tend to favor Wi-Fi over cellular for obvious reasons – it’s usually faster, it doesn’t tax your data plan and it’s widely available. However, there are a number of Wi-Fi risks you should know…

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Recruiting the full mobility management skill set

1398 686 Liarna La Porta

Totaljobs Group is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment company, comprising seven job boards, which between them carry over 250,000 jobs, and attract nine million jobseekers every month. Headquartered in London with approximately 400…

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The Mobile Security Solution of the Year award goes to…

1400 848 Liarna La Porta

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but we’ve done it again. Last night Wandera was awarded Mobile Security Solution of the Year by Computing Security for the second year running. Wandera was also named Runner…

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