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5 reasons why: Wandera enables new feature for global enterprises

1600 528 Michelle Base-Bursey

In the last year, Wandera has experienced exponential growth in its global network of mobile devices. There has been a particularly drastic increase in large, international organizations managing and protecting their mobile fleets with Wandera.…

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The Mobile Security Solution of the Year award goes to…

1400 848 Liarna La Porta

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but we’ve done it again. Last night Wandera was awarded Mobile Security Solution of the Year by Computing Security for the second year running. Wandera was also named Runner…

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Why law firms have embraced content filtering

1400 625 Nell Campbell

As more sectors adopt and encourage mobile working policies, their need to secure and protect their corporate data increases. Sure, a productive workforce depends on having the autonomy to access and share information on the…

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IDC name Wandera leader in mobile security

1600 722 Michelle Base-Bursey

You might have seen that the International Data Corporation, one of the biggest names in research, recently released its first MarketScape report covering the Mobile Threat Management sector. We’re delighted that Wandera has been named a…

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Mobile Threat

The Mobile Threat Landscape with Michael Covington

1400 1051 Suraiya Datardina

The mobile threat landscape is an interesting topic, partly because it’s so controversial. Talking to different people within the field can bring up wildly differing opinions over the severity of the situation. Fear-mongers will tell…

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A promising improvement in iOS 11 battery life

1400 890 Liarna La Porta

Recently we ran an analysis to compare the battery decay rate of iOS 11 vs iOS 10. The results showed a significant difference. Now that Apple has pushed out improvements with 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2…

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Bieber Trumps Taylor: celebrity apps are bad news for mobile security

1400 933 Nell Campbell

Taylor Swift, Trump and Bieber – three names you don’t often hear in the same sentence. So why has this trio grabbed our attention at Wandera? Well, their names are all linked to Android applications…

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Jamie Woodruff – Manipulation for Information – Part 2

1024 726 Suraiya Datardina

Earlier this year at our Level conference, Jamie Woodruff, the ethical hacker who has hacked everything from Facebook to Kim Kardashian, gave us an insight into the methods social engineers use to access to our personal…

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iPhone users charged up over iOS 11 battery drain

1440 740 Liarna La Porta

Another Apple launch has been and gone, and there are some teething problems as users adjust to the latest and greatest updates. One of the issues that seems to be bugging people is iOS 11…

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CCleaner hack: the dirty truth behind anti-malware apps

1400 935 Nell Campbell

Think anti-malware apps offer full protection against malware? Think again. On Monday 18 September, Cisco’s Talos Intelligence research team revealed that hackers had successfully breached popular antivirus app, CCleaner, which boasts a monstrous two billion…

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