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Biometric data: a few reasons why it hasn’t replaced passwords yet

1400 933 Liarna La Porta

In part 1, we covered the brilliance of biometrics including increased security and convenience. There’s a lot of biometric data out there already and loads of research in this area making it more of a…

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The Elevation Church app is using an ungodly amount of data

1400 933 Michelle Base-Bursey

Elevation, a popular American church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has recently released a mobile app that allows individuals all over the world to access live worships and recorded sermons remotely. What the 50,000 –…

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A solid foundation for better mobile data management

1600 885 Liarna La Porta

Cushman & Wakefield is a leading real-estate services company with a workforce that is always on the move. Its staff rely on mobile devices to conduct business from various locations outside the office. Being a…

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Video newsfeed is chewing up your data plan, we’re not telling stories

1600 1067 Liarna La Porta

Just over a week ago, Facebook released video newsfeed feature Facebook Stories. This follows the recent release of Instagram Stories, which was widely perceived as copying Snapchat’s own Stories feature. Also as an apparent attempt…

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Wandera enhances +WiFi module

1600 826 Michelle Base-Bursey

Mobile threats can hit at any time. From home, to office, to hotel Wi-Fi, and every public hotspot in between, Wandera ensures your mobile fleet is protected with +WiFi. Today Wandera is announcing an enhancement…

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Corporate mobile device policy – what to block and when

600 600 Suraiya Datardina

Most businesses these days are equipping their employees with a mobile device for work and covering the associated costs, from the handset to the monthly bills. The resulting productivity gains are the main reason businesses…

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Dating app usage analysis: employees looking for love at work

1600 780 Liarna La Porta

Dating isn’t an easy pursuit. These days, when there is an app for everything, it’s not surprising that dating app usage is on the rise as single people make searching for ‘the one’ more convenient.…

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How March Madness is impacting employee productivity

1600 804 Liarna La Porta

March Madness is one of the most famous sporting events in the United States. Each year, sports fans spend a huge amount of time online streaming live games and keeping on top of the brackets and…

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Safe as houses: securing a diverse fleet of devices

1800 1201 Liarna La Porta

There are many industries that simply can’t conduct business from an office space and rely on mobile working instead. Emergency home assistance is one of them. Professionals in this line of work are usually equipped…

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Mobile applications: are they what they say they are?

900 505 Michelle Base-Bursey

Wandera’s security research team has recently encountered two malicious mobile applications masquerading as legitimate apps and threatening the security of a few of our customers’ mobile fleets. Our investigation was triggered when mobile applications labeled “iTunes…

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