From the Experian breach to NSA document leaks, some of the biggest news of 2017 has been about data loss and cybercrime.

People need more education about targeted mobile attacks and businesses need better solutions to protect their mobile fleet.
That’s what we’re bringing to Dallas for AT&T’s inaugural event The Summit in two weeks. If you’re interested in controlling data costs and keeping devices protected from threats, while also enabling employees to be productive and engaged – come by our booth #218 in the Innovation Showcase.

What’s in it for me?

In our live demonstration, we’ll test your skills at identifying some of the most common mobile threats that Wandera detects and blocks. If your security skills are especially savvy, you’ll earn a free Tile so you won’t lose your keys or phone again!

Take our quiz now and collect your prize in person.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Dallas and diving into real solutions which address the mobile threat landscape of today and tomorrow.
Not going to The Summit but interested in learning more? Head to or register your customer for a free, no obligation security assessment.

What’s really in it for me?

We’ll be making fresh baked cookies; come and enjoy one – or two!
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