The cloud has changed application security and access needs

As the number of digital services expands, traditional security and access models are struggling to keep up.

Existing access technologies are not fit for purpose

Legacy technologies, such as VPN, are difficult to deploy, require expensive hardware and device management tools to push certificates. They also fail to meet many security standards. IDC found that VPN was involved in nearly 75% of major incidents involving remote access tools. Organizations need a new approach to application access to deliver a consistent, secure experience across on-premise and cloud applications.

Securing application access with Wandera Private Access


Wandera Private Access uses a cloud-based software-defined perimeter (SDP) architecture that creates secure, isolated connections to applications hosted on-premise or in the cloud. SDP allows policies and permission to be created and enforced in real-time.

Identity-based policy

Application assignment can be tailored at the user-level. Tunnels are only established to specific applications based on that individual’s permissions. Integration with directory services allows for rapid deployment and management of policies.

Application microtunnels

Devices and apps are blind to network infrastructure; per-app microtunnels are established and routed individually through Wandera infrastructure. This architecture provides fine-grain control and prevents lateral movement.

Adaptive access controls

Wandera calculates user and device risk in real-time which can be used to dynamically influence application routing and signal third-party services. As the risk level rises the contextual policies can apply stronger security and mitigate risk to business systems.

Single packet authorization

Prevent applications from being discovered by unauthenticated users by cloaking them behind Wandera Private Access. Connection attempts are only recognised from authenticated users and devices, services appear “dark” to everyone else.

End-to-end encryption

Next-generation tunnelling and encryption protocols to deliver enterprise-grade security out of the box. Data is protected from the application edge to endpoint preventing third-parties from deciphering corporate information.

"Gartner predicts that by 2023 60% of enterprises will phase out most of their remote access virtual private networks (VPNs) in favor of ZTNA."

Zero trust cloud security for your connected enterprise

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