App insights

Easily review your organization’s exposure to risky apps with a graphics-rich dashboard or drill into individual apps for detailed analytics.

  • Prevent data leaks by understanding which apps request access to 'high risk' permissions on the device.
  • Get insight into how apps are handling PII data.
  • Stop data leaks with better awareness of which apps have ineffective transport security or communicate with suspicious URLs or unsafe third-party libraries.

App vetting

Mitigate app-based threats by submitting iOS or Android apps for review by Wandera’s threat research team.

Leverage MI:RIAM, the industry’s leading threat intelligence engine, to analyze data from large external and internal databases of app reputation and risk metrics to provide a risk score for each app.

75% of iOS apps have access to record images and video through the camera

Our latest Mobile Threat Landscape report evaluates current threats and risks for mobile workforces. Download the report to get a better understanding of what challenges you face for the year ahead.

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