Today, Wandera has announced the upcoming launch of another integral feature as part of its comprehensive mobile security solution. App Insights, as the name suggests, will give customers a 360-degree perspective on the apps that are installed on their mobile devices.

This new report delivers much-needed visibility to mobility admins who need not only to understand which apps are in use by the organization, but also must assess the risk those apps present to the business.
This feature provides an additional layer of analysis for IT teams to assess the overall health of their mobile estates and adds tremendous value in driving insights and subsequent policy actions.

App Insights: The Report

App Insights begins by delivering a comprehensive list of apps that are being used across the mobile device fleet, complete with popularity ratings, versioning details, and additional metadata.
This is exactly the kind of information that helps admins to determine what actions need to be taken to address risky, out-of-date or non-compliant apps. This kind of information is exactly what admins need to help determine what actions need to be taken to address risky, out-of-date or non-compliant apps.
The report also provides a complete security assessment for each app. This includes an analysis of the permissions requested and the network resources accessed by the app.
These are important indicators of app security, and admins can use these insights to ensure that only the latest, most secure apps are installed within the fleet.
app insights.

How it works

You’re likely aware that Wandera relies on its pioneering web gateway for mobile to analyze traffic at a data level and proactively block threats. But this element of the product isn’t its only focus.
Wandera’s on-device app plays a major role in the solution well, consistently monitoring the heartbeat of the phone and ensuring that threats don’t impact the device at rest. Apps are of course, one of the most important risk factors to monitor on the phone itself.
Wandera also fully integrates with EMM solutions in order to give Wandera a third layer of visibility into the device. This integration drives even further discoveries of device configuration and applications downloaded.
App insights pulls information from all components of Wandera’s solution to provide an in-depth report. Wandera’s on-device app and EMM integration enable it to take a complete inventory of all apps at the device level, while the mobile gateway enables it to dive deeper into the security level of each app. It does this by monitoring, at the network level, what servers the app is connecting to as well as analyzing and filtering the URLs it accesses.  

Why App Insights?

App insights provide RADAR administrators with unrivaled insights into applications. This report is unlike any provided by an EMM or app-only security solution. It isn’t simply a view of apps, but an analysis of the security status of each and every app. This is an absolute must-have when it comes to protecting the mobile fleet.
Not only that, but this report provides yet another window for admins into the mobile behavior of employees. The insights that could potentially be surfaced by this report are endless.
For instance, in a select customer trial of App Insights, IT specialists at an organization were made aware of a third party file-sharing app installed on a large percentage of devices within the mobile fleet. Upon further investigation, it was found that this particular file sharing app was hosted by a server that has been known to host sites containing malware.
The customer in question, thanks to insights from this report, was able to set a policy to block this particular app, and others like it going forward.
app insights.

Can’t wait to get your hands on it?

If you’re an Enterprise Mobile Security customer already, you’ll soon find App Insights in your RADAR portal under “Secure”. App Insights requires EMMC for iOS devices.
If you’re not yet monitoring the security of your mobile device fleet, contact your account representative now to upgrade your services.
If you’re not using Wandera, make an appointment with one of our mobility experts. Now is the time to get better visibility into your mobile fleet.
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