At Wandera we believe in a simple truth: no matter how brilliant a new product is, if it’s difficult to get up and running, you won’t use it.
That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly since our conception to bring you the fastest and most seamless deployment processes possible.
We’re pleased to share that, as of last month, you can now launch Wandera effortlessly across Android devices, without needing to touch a thing.

Getting you up and running, faster

Although our customers differ greatly in industry, size and makeup of their mobile fleet, one thing is unanimous: they want to start reaping the benefits of Wandera instantly after coming onboard with us.
That’s why we’ve streamlined both our iOS and Android deployment options to help our customers get started. This means that they can concentrate on the important things – like blocking mobile threats, preventing data overages and flagging compliance violations.
You may be wondering why we’d work on enhancing our deployment offering when the process seems pretty straightforward as it is. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?
Although that’s true, we’re always striving to deliver the best customer experience possible. When our customers awarded us with 9/10 for delivery satisfaction last year we were certainly happy, but we knew could make things even better.
After speaking to customers, the issues of deployment and ease of use consistently ranked among the most important priorities when adopting a new solution. Like always, we took this insight and turned it into a tangible change to our product.

Why seamless deployment matters

1) Speed
Time costs money and the likelihood is your team is pushed to the brink implementing new technology as it is. Faster deployments take the pressure and stress off your business, freeing up valuable time.
2) Cost
Want to feel the financial effects of instant productivity gains through powerful features like content filtering? Benefit from a direct return on investment with Wandera’s unparalleled control and visibility over mobile data usage when you deploy the solution straight away.
3) Ease
Adopting a new service can be overwhelming. Streamlining deployment means your end users can spend allocated setup time familiarizing themselves with the app
4) Security
Investing in a solution alone does not protect you from mobile threats and limit your employees exposure to attacks. Faster deployments, however, will get you there quicker.

How AutoDiscovery works

Android recently updated its platform in a way that allows solutions like Wandera to integrate even deeper into the new profile creation. This means you can deploy Wandera seamlessly across your entire fleet without having to touch a single button on the end-user device.
Even if you don’t have an EMM compatible with Wandera, you can simply upload a list of your users – including their device specific information – then distribute the app to all your users with just one click.
As you may already be aware, zero-touch deployment is available for all iOS users with a compatible EMM.

Can’t wait to try it?

These rollouts are now available to all Wandera customers, just contact a member of the Wandera team to find out your best option. Our mobility experts are ready and willing to show you how easy it is to get it up and running.
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