Why choose Wandera over a VPN tunnel


Secure access for any device

Provide both managed and unmanaged devices with secure, end-to-end encrypted connections to any corporate resource. Wandera supports Microsoft Endpoint Manager MAM-WE and full UEM enrollment, enabling any ownership strategy, particularly BYOD.


Intelligent traffic routing

Context aware policies enable Automatic Profile Switching, removing the need to sign in and out of work and personal accounts with applications like Microsoft Edge. Wandera securely connects work accounts to the organizations’ resources and directs personal traffic to the internet.


Unified device support

Differing functionality and support for device operating systems can require organizations to deploy multiple tools. Wandera supports Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS uniformly to ensure that end users have a consistent, high quality experience.


Cloud-based architecture

Built entirely on global cloud infrastructure Wandera requires absolutely no connectors to be sized, installed or managed. Wandera can be configured and deployed quickly through the unified administrator console, allowing IT teams to work at speed.


Real-time performance

Using next-generation networking protocols allows Wandera to provide unparalleled connection speeds to any application. TLS-based VPN tunnels are unable to keep up with the high bandwidth or low latency required by modern applications such as Microsoft 365.


Modern cryptographic authentication

With Wandera there are no cumbersome certificates to push and manage inorder to authenticate users or devices. Modern techniques, such as Single Packet Authorization, verify that users are authenticated and are using secure devices silently, without interrupting the user.


Scales to every application

VPN tunnels can only route traffic to applications hosted on-premises, requiring other services to manage access to cloud-hosted or SaaS applications. Wandera flexible architecture can connect users with applications hosted in any environment, and supports any protocol.


Effortless deployment

Identity-centric access policies provision access based on a user’s identity via an integrated provider, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory. End users log into Wandera via SSO with their corporate credentials, eliminating the need for additional passwords.

Introducing Wandera Private Access

Microsoft + Wandera

Wandera is compatible with the entire Microsoft ecosystem. Out-of-the-box integrations allow productivity tools to be streamlined, security policies to be enhanced and administrator workflows to be automated.

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Wandera Private Access

Wandera’s Zero Trust Network Access solution provides flexibility for your teams to work anytime, anywhere, on all platforms, on any managed or BYOD device. Restrict access from unsecured or infected devices. Increase visibility into application access in real-time and identify shadow IT.

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Zero trust cloud security for your connected enterprise

If you’re interested in a personalized demo of Wandera Private Access or would just like more information, get in touch and one of our experts will reach out.