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Deutsche Telekom and Wandera introduce ‘Mobile Datamanagement Pro’ for intelligent control of mobile data usage

21 February, 2017 – Mobility is important in today’s working world. This is why it is becoming increasingly important for companies to analyze the mobile data traffic of their mobile fleet and to optimize it by means of intelligent policy controls. Together with its partner Wandera, Deutsche Telekom offers a new service from the portfolio of mobile IT solutions.

With Mobile Datamanagement Pro powered by Wandera, companies analyze in detail and in real-time the data traffic of their mobile devices. They will learn to what extent employees use private and business apps or how much data they use for e-mails and for research on the Internet.

Optimize data volumes – comply with guidelines

In addition to evaluating the data, the IT department can set up rules for teams or individual employees – for example, assigning a specific amount of data or compressing video content. With Mobile Datamanagement Pro, companies can also determine data volumes for different groups or individual users, and can better calculate the costs they incur.

The solution can help to enforce corporate compliance with the option to block categories of inappropriate apps or content – for example, gambling or eroticism. An anonymization tool also makes it possible to render the user unrecognizable, thus respecting the privacy of individual employees and their usage behavior.

“For many companies, the mobile device is now the most important work instrument. Therefore, the need for intelligent solutions is growing, which makes mobility easier to manage centrally and usage becomes even more efficient, “says Hagen Rickmann, Managing Director of  Telekom Deutschland. “With our new service, Mobile Datamanagement Pro based on Wandera’s leading technology, we are consequently expanding our existing mobile IT portfolio in the spirit of our business customers.”

Operation complies with German data protection law

After the installation of Mobile Datamanagement Pro, the company’s mobile data traffic is routed through Wander’s Cloud proxy, which is hosted in a telecom data center in Biere near Magdeburg. This allows companies to manage and analyze all the mobile data.

“We are delighted to deepen our existing partnership with Telekom. Together, we enable transparency and control in real-time for the mobile data traffic of theoretically millions of users in companies in Germany. We have moved parts of our IT infrastructure to the Open Telecom Cloud and thus meet the data protection requirements of German customers, “says Eldar Tuvey, CEO of Wandera.

Mobile Datamanagement Pro is available to all Deutsche Telekom mobile telephony customers who want to manage at least 25 mobile devices. The solution works with selected smartphones and tablets.