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Wimbledon is draining enterprises’ data allowances

Wandera detects a 17% increase in Wimbledon-related mobile data usage on enterprise devices compared to 2014

LONDON, 9th July 2015: Wandera, the provider of advanced mobile threat prevention and data usage optimization for enterprises, has compared this year’s Wimbledon-related enterprise mobile data usage for the 2015 tournament so far to that of the same period in the 2014 tournament.

Main findings:

  • The 2015 tournament to date has seen an increase in mobile data usage of 17% over last year
  • Enterprise employees are more inclined to use corporate-liable devices to keep up to date with Wimbledon while abroad – 7.5% of monitored employees are tuning into Wimbledon while abroad, compared to 5.9% in 2014
  • The top 5 most popular apps for watching and learning about Wimbledon 2015 – and consuming data – are:
    • Official Wimbledon app
    • BBC Sport
    • Wimbledon 2015 unofficial news via Youtube videos
    • Wimbledon Tennis Scores + Game
    • BBC iPlayer

Wandera’s research team analysed the mobile broadband traffic patterns across its customers – 100,000 devices in 500 enterprise customers globally. The analysis looked at usage of devices from smartphones and tablets across iOS and Android platforms (approximately 70% iOS and 30% Android). These are corporate-liable devices (both corporate owned and BYOD) used domestically and whilst roaming.

Comment from Eldar Tuvey, CEO of Wandera
“Two of the reasons for this increase are that firstly, digital adoption overall is improving – whether from a personal or professional standpoint. Secondly, stream quality is improving, as a result of innovation in the devices and the wider network infrastructures. These two factors are by no means temporary, so it is unlikely that this trend for increased personal mobile data use on corporate devices will be an anomaly.”

“The combination of improved stream quality and employees’ increased tendency to use internet browsers and data-hungry apps while abroad is a concern for our enterprise customers. This behaviour can lead to bill shock events, with no warning and minimal recourse. Just gaining visibility of the data usage and spend is more than half the battle.”

About Wandera
Wandera is the leader in mobile data security and management, protecting enterprises with real-time threat prevention, compliance and data cost management. Wandera’s multi-level architecture, which includes a pioneering cloud gateway for mobile, offers unrivalled visibility and control. With the industry’s largest mobile dataset, Wandera analyzes billions of daily inputs across its network in real-time to detect emerging mobile attacks and protect sensitive company data. Founded in 2012, Wandera is headquartered in San Francisco and London. For more information visit the website