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Wandera provides even more visibility for customers with App Insights launch

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 26, 2017 – Today Wandera, the company recognized by both Gartner and IDC in their Q3 reports on mobile security, announced the upcoming launch of a new feature as part of its Enterprise Mobile Security solution.

App Insights, as its name suggests, will provide organizations a 360 degree perspective on apps that are installed across their mobile device fleets. The feature relies on Wandera’s pioneering web gateway for mobile to provide admins with a detailed security analysis of each application.

Wandera is unrivaled in its ability to provide visibility at the data, network and device levels. This makes App Insights the first report of its kind, able to pull multi-level insights on app activity thanks to Wandera’s unique architecture.

“This new report will deliver much needed visibility to mobility admins who need not only to understand which apps are in use by the organization, but also must assess the risk those apps present to the business. It’s yet another window of visibility into employee mobile behaviour that we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers” said Michael Covington, VP of Product Strategy at Wandera.

For those keen to take advantage of the new report, the wait won’t be a long one. Wandera plans to release the new feature to all customers late next week.

For those not already using the solution, you can sign up for a free demonstration of the new report at