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Wandera announces expanded portfolio with new Mobile Threat Defense solution for BYOD and unmanaged devices

Today, Wandera the leading provider of Enterprise Mobile Security solutions, announced its support for BYOD programs and other unmanaged devices in use by enterprise customers. With this expanded portfolio, Wandera is applying the threat intelligence that is learned from the corporate fleet and applying it to devices under a different management paradigm. Wandera is currently the only mobile-first security solution that is compatible with all management options embraced by global enterprise customers.

Wandera’s offering targets the most vulnerable devices in use by employees today: Android. Generic Android devices have long been a popular choice among the tech savvy, cost conscious consumer. They are known to have diverse price points, advanced hardware features, and a customizable OS.

The widening presence of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies as well as the competitive nature of generic Android companies when it comes to outpricing their competition for enterprise deals, means an increased presence of Android devices within large businesses.

While Android devices continue to grow their presence within global organizations, their security level has often been raised as a concern. To combat this risk, Wandera has focused its resources around creating an on-device MTD solution to work flawlessly with the inherently open platform.

The app-only MTD solution includes all of the proven on-device threat defense capabilities from the core Wandera offering, including app scanning, configuration vulnerability detection, network protections and behavioral anomaly detection. These capabilities allow admins to monitor, protect and remediate threats that impact devices subject to regular end user manipulation.

Given the multitude of configuration options that are exposed to users of the Android platform, this new capability will give admins unprecedented visibility into this unmanaged extension of their mobile fleet.

“I am excited to see that our portfolio has now expanded to include support for BYOD and unmanaged devices.” said Michael Covington, VP Product Strategy at Wandera. “The launch of our app-only MTD service allows us to give enterprise customers greater visibility into the security risks impacting all of their mobile devices, regardless of how they choose to manage them. Our goal is to be able to support every organization, regardless of their unique blend of management styles.”

Current customers can now expand Wandera to more of their mobile fleets and businesses who were unable to deploy Wandera previously can rest assured that their generic Android devices will be protected against the ever-growing landscape of mobile threats.

Watch for the new Wandera app on the Google Play Store. To find out more, get in contact with your Wandera account manager, or request a demonstration of our service at