Brand Guidelines


Wandera has always been green, and that won’t change. While embracing a more colorful language in our brand communications and products, Wandera Green is our main color.


Clean. Modern.Simple.


For print use only. To be used for headings in either Thin, Light or Regular font weights depending on the size of the heading. The font comes in 5 weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Semibold and Bold.

Open Sans

For print and web use. To be used as the main body font and for headings in either Light, Regular or Bold font weights for web use. The font comes in 5 weights: Light, Regular, Semibold and Bold, Extrabold

App icon

Exclusion zone

The logo and the icon’s exclusion zone is equal to half the height of the W.

Minimum size

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the logo is not compromised in application.

The Wandera app logo should never be smaller than 50px in digital or 10mm in print.

Using product imagery

When using product imagery please make sure you are using the latest iterations by checking if the app is the new ‘light version’ as shown below. Also please make sure they devices are not outdated. When using multiple devices in a composition please ensure using a variety of device manufacturers.