We’re finding it hard to believe ourselves, but the tell tale festive lights, early sunsets, and chilly temperatures tell us that 2017 is coming to an end.

And what a year it has been for us here at Wandera. We’ve progressed more than we thought possible over the course of 365 days. We’re growing our customer base, while continuously improving our product and adding valuable new features.
In case you missed them, or didn’t get a chance to explore them in-depth, we thought we’d review the top 10 product launches of 2017.

The countdown

10) Single sign-on (SSO) & 2-factor authentication (2FA)

Just making the list are two key enterprise features we launched in the back half of the year.
Single sign-on allows admins to add, configure and use pre-existing credentials already in place within their own IT infrastructures to access their RADAR environments.
2-factor authentication is an optional two-step verification process that admins can enable to protect against hackers gaining unapproved access to their RADAR accounts.
Both of these launches marked an important point of progress in our mission to not only make our product as accessible as possible for businesses with established IT infrastructures, but also to provide the highest level of convenience and security to global administrators.

9) New threat categories: sideloaded apps & 3rd party app stores

Back in May, we launched two new threat categories for our Enterprise Mobile Security customers. They are:

  1. Downloads from third-party app stores
  2. Sideloaded applications installed

Apps from third-party app stores are typically deemed risky, being published by unknown developers or with unapproved libraries, and are delivered to devices over unsecured networks.
Sideloaded apps can be considered threatening for similar reasons. They are defined as apps whose installer is unknown, meaning the app was not downloaded from an official app store nor through an MDM.
These app downloads are not necessarily malicious. The vulnerability for businesses like yours arises because they are unlikely to have gone through the rigorous quality checks expected of an app store release.
This update was an important one, as it provides you with increased visibility into the risks impacting your mobile fleet and gives you the opportunity to block two entirely new risk categories.
side loading apps.

8) SIM-less device support

Just a few months ago, we officially launched our ability to support both Apple and Samsung Android Wi-Fi only devices.
This update continues to make a significant difference to customers who employ a large number of Wi-Fi only or “SIM-less” devices, allowing them to implement mobile threat defense and content filtering across their entire mobile fleet.
While these customers may not be worried about incurring data costs from these phones, Wandera now makes it easier to ensure their corporate security and usage policy remains consistent, even on devices without a SIM card.

7) Windows 10 Mobile support

March was a big month for us here at Wandera. It brought with it the support of Windows 10 Mobile devices. Our powerful content filtering and data management solutions became available across the full portfolio of Microsoft mobile devices.
Microsoft is a global technology innovator in the enterprise world and we are proud to continue to offer all of its Windows 10 Mobile customers a best-in-class solution for both mobile security and data management.
This launch brought us even closer to our ultimate goal of supporting every business’ mobility model. Whatever the unique blend of your mobile fleet, Wandera has a fitting solution.

6) +WiFi (enhanced)

+WiFi isn’t a new feature in itself, but earlier this year, we made it even better. +WiFi became available to businesses with Samsung Android and/or iOS devices. Previously, it was only supported on supervised iOS phones.
As you may already know, +WiFi provides:

  • Unified view of data usage on both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
  • Flexible controls that allow customers to define mobile policy across all networks
  • 100% always-on threat defense for cellular and Wi-Fi data

This enhancement continues to enable more businesses to keep their mobile estates protected and compliant at all times, regardless of the networks they’re connecting to.

5) Malware classification

This summer, our Enterprise Mobile Security customers got an even more in-depth view of the malware attempting to infiltrate their mobile fleets.
Instead of just showing “malicious applications” as a threat category, we introduced seven new malware categories representing the most pervasive and frequently encountered types of malware. These include:

  • Adware
  • Banker
  • Ransomware
  • Rooting
  • SMS
  • Spyware
  • Trojan

This improvement was made possible through our mobile threat intelligence engine, MI:RIAM, which is now automatically classifying malware according to a taxonomy of exploits and capabilities.

4) Wandera + MobileIron OTA

Looking way back to March, our first major launch of the year was enhanced over-the-air integration with MobileIron. This update delivers our highest level of integration to MobileIron customers.
The seamless integration allows admins to deploy Wandera across their device fleets with ease, with no input required from the end-user. Additionally, with this integration, customers of both solutions will now have access to all-new security features.
This integration will soon be in place across the entire MobileIron portfolio of Core, Connected Cloud and Cloud EMMs.

3) Mobile Threat Defense: designed for Android

One of the biggest launches that took place in 2017 was the release of our Mobile Threat Defense solution designed specifically for Android.
This app-only MTD solution includes all of the proven on-device threat defense capabilities from the core Wandera offering, including app scanning, configuration vulnerability detection, network protections and behavioral anomaly detection.
These capabilities allow admins to monitor, protect and remediate threats that impact devices subject to regular end user manipulation.
This launch was essential for us to support customers globally, as it made us the only mobile-first security solution that is currently compatible with all management options embraced by global enterprise customers.

2) App Insights

A very recent launch, App Insights was the second largest this year. This incredibly insightful report in RADAR provides customers with a 360 degree view of the apps that are installed across their mobile estates.
This report is unlike any provided by an EMM or app-only security solution. It isn’t simply a view of apps, but an analysis of the security status of each and every app. This is an absolute must-have when it comes to protecting the mobile fleet.
Not only that, but this report provides yet another window for admins into the mobile behaviour of employees. The insights that could potentially be surfaced by this report are endless.
app insights.
And the top product launch of 2017 is… (drumroll please)…  


If you don’t know by now, MI:RIAM is our real-time mobile threat intelligence engine that launched with a bang earlier this year.
She made her debut by identifying nearly 400 unique samples of re-packaged polymorphic SLocker ransomware in distribution. These exploits were not only designed to evade detection by signature-based scanners, but also contained new malicious functionality.
Using the latest in machine learning technology, MI:RIAM recognized the sophisticated digital DNA of SLocker, drawing upon millions of historical data points to investigate the malware’s architecture. This allowed her to detect the variations of malware that the hackers had created to bypass conventional security scans.
MI:RIAM possesses the unique ability to identify previously undiscovered threats and is constantly exposing new leaks, risks and vulnerabilities to protect the mobile fleets of Wandera customers.
The power of MI:RIAM comes from her unmatched visibility into mobile data – in 2017 thus far, the gateway has scanned 26 billion mobile web requests including 700,000 unique apps and over 10 million web domains.
Stay tuned for more to come on MI:RIAM’s abilities early next year.